1:32 Blohm & Voss BV – 246 “Hagelkorn”- Limited edition resin kit
January 23, 2016
1:32 Messerschmitt P.1101 – Limited edition resin kit
April 17, 2016
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1:32 Kramer X-4 Ruhrstahl – 4ps.-Limited edition resin kit


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1:32  Kramer X-4 Ruhrstahl -4ps. – Limited edition resin kit 

1:32  Kramer X-4 Ruhrstahl – Limited edition resin kit 

At the end of the Second World War began to emerge a completely new and revolutionary weapons. Create in Germany X-4 can confidently be attributed to such types of weapons.
Tested on FW-190a8 in 1944  air-air rocket had to become a species of “wonder weapons” as a piston on the FW-190, Ju-88, and the jet Me-262 and others.
According to various sources it was built 1000-1300 such missiles and although there is no reliable data on their combat use, it could be quite real.
The set includes 4 missiles with mounting pylons.
A model is intended for the advanced collectors of having an experience with resin models.
A set is not completed instruction on assembling  
If you have questions about a model  will endeavour to answer on them.
The model is sent by registered airmail with track number.
Handling time 5 days
Buyers from Germany, please take into consideration that there may be a time delay in passing customs control in Germany
Käufer aus Deutschland, mögliche Verzögerungen bei der Zollabfertigung in Deutschland
Limited edition resin kit
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