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March 20, 2020
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1/32 Henschel Hs-293 C-1 – Limited edition resin kit


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1/32 Henschel Hs-293 C-1 – Limited edition resin kit

Hs-293 is one of the weapons of the Third Reich that became the pioneer

of all types of anti-ship guided cruise missiles.

The Henschel were able to bring this planning bomb

with a Walter HWK 109-507 rocket booster to mass production

effective enough to be used against Allied ships,

17 of which were sunk, and the battleship «Warspite» is among the damaged ships.

Although the Hs-293 was developed as an anti-ship system,

there were facts of its use in the destruction of bridges after the landing of the Allies in Normandy.

The carriers of this system could be the He-111, He-177, Do-217 bombers.

The model of this planning bomb will be a good addition to your collection,

and studying its history will reveal interesting facts that are not always on the surface

since the first work on Hs-293 began back in 1939!

A model is intended for the advanced collectors of having an experience with resin models.

As the instructions I send a photo archive on Your email with photos illustrating the model in the assembly process.

If you have questions about a model will endeavour to answer on them.

The model is sent by registered airmail with track number.

Buyers from Germany, please take into consideration that there may be a time delay in passing customs control in Germany

Käufer aus Deutschland, mögliche Verzögerungen bei der Zollabfertigung in Deutschland

Limited edition resin kit

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