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January 7, 2021
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1/32 Blohm&Voss BV- P.212.03 – Limited edition resin kit



Lemkits 1/32 Blohm&Voss BV- P.212.03 – Limited edition resin kit
At the end of the Second World War, German aircraft designers tried to realize their technological superiority by creating truly revolutionary and unusual designs.
The Emergency Fighter Program (German: Jägernotprogramm) launched on July 3, 1944 became the basis for the appearance of interesting aircraft such as the Ta-183, Messerschmitt ME P.1101, Junkers EF128, Focke-Wulf P.VII “Flitzer” ….
The designers Blohm&Voss did not stand aside. The BV 212 series of aircraft was developed in various modifications, and after blowing in the wind tunnels, the decision was made to build 3 pre-production aircraft. One of the design options was BV212.03. A distinctive design of the aircraft was its power structure, the aircraft was projected around a curved steel air intake channel to which all other components and assemblies of the aircraft were attached.
It was planned to equip it with the most powerful Heinkel HeS 011 engine at that time and armament of 3-5 – 20mm cannons, missile and bomb weapons.

A model is intended for the advanced collectors of having an experience with resin models.

A set is not completed instruction on assembling
In a set of is added decal

To build step by step photoСD instructions included to help you gather this interesting model.

If you have questions about a model will endeavour to answer on them.

The model is sent by registered airmail with track number.

Buyers from Germany, please take into consideration that there may be a time delay in passing customs control in Germany

Käufer aus Deutschland, mögliche Verzögerungen bei der Zollabfertigung in Deutschland

Limited edition resin kit

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