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December 18, 2023
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1/32 Horten Ho-X “Project-X” – Limited edition resin kit


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1/32 Horten Ho-X “Project-X” – Limited edition resin kit

At the end of the Second World War, even at the stage when the Allied forces were already conducting military operations on German territory, German scientists and designers continued their work.

The Horten brothers were among them. They were the enthusiasts and one of the pioneers of the “flying wing theory.” Beginning in the 30s of the 20th century, inspired by the developments of Alexander Lippisch, the Horten brothers independently designed and built gliders according to the “Flying Wing” scheme.

Gradually gaining experience and technological solutions, under their leadership, one of the most unusual aircraft of that time, Horten Ho IX, which is also known as Gotha Go-229, was created and built.

Work also continued on other projects, information about which reaches our time bit by bit. Known as the Ho-XVIII bomber and little-known as the Ho-X.

It is the Ho-X that our kit represents.

The model was created based on information from the technical justification document for the preliminary design of a “prospective fighter for the Luftwaffe and dated March 6, 1945 in Göttingen.

A model is intended for the advanced collectors of having an experience with resin models.

Unassembled model,
the photo shows a sample made from a kit.

A set is not completed instruction on assembling
In a set of is added decal

To build step by step photoСD instructions included to help you gather this interesting kit.

The kit is sent by registered airmail with track number.

Dear buyers from the European Union, due to the introduction of new customs clearance rules and the payment of VAT on July 1/21, additional costs in the form of customs duties are possible. When ordering, please pay attention to this.

Buyers from Germany and Belgian , please take into consideration that there may be a time delay in passing customs control in your countries.

Käufer aus Deutschland, mögliche Verzögerungen bei der Zollabfertigung in Deutschland
If you have questions about a model will endeavour to answer on them.

Model is sold only on Ebay and my personal site.

LImited edition!

Handling time -10 days.

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